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Truth, or is the distrributor/dealer giving me the run around

I have 27hp kohler, air cooled that was new this spring. Since day one, it has used oil. I have mentioned this to the dealer on several occasions, and each time they say someting differant. (some oil consumption is normal, keep watching it, if there's an issue we'll take care of it, ect. ect) Today, I pull the dipstick out of it, and the oil level is about 1/16" of an inch below the add mark. I think, wow better get some oil in this. Its been 90 hours since the last oil change, BTW. Since I working about 6 blocks from the dealer, and I was practically driving by anyways, I decided to stop in and make them look at it.

It just so happens, that a guy from the distributor was there. He comes out, a long with the dealer's mechanic. They check the oil and confirm its low. The guy from the distributor pulls out air cleaner and says that because its dirty, the engine can't get enough air and it using/burning oil as way of cooling itself. The air cleaner was a little dirty, but you still could see light through it. I've definatly seen air cleaners alot dirtier than this one.

We put a new air cleaner in it, and he claims that since it can now get enough air, the oil consumption will return to "normal"

Now I say, this is more BS because the engine has used oil since it was brand new. Not to mention the air cleaner was just a little dirty, not pluged with leaves or anything. Is this really possible or are they just giving me the run around?
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