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Originally Posted by mattfromNY View Post
I've got a Kohler 27 on my Ferris IS2000, machine has about 1000 hours on it, and we've never had to add oil between changes. Generally, we change oil at 100 hours. If we fill it to the 'full' line, at the next change the oil level will be just to the 'Add' line. I've had clean filters, dirty filters, stuck choke, good gas, bad gas..... you name it, it dont 'burn' oil.
Could your machine have sat around at the dealership without being run, and possibly have a stuck oil ring? Maybe the dealer is just hoping it will free itself with motor break-in. ??????
Just a thought.
Very interesting. As a matter of fact, it did sit around for sometime. It is a 2004 model and was sold finally this spring. (It came from another dealer that went out of business) Toro Z Master, 60", is uses a little over a half quart per 100 hours.
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