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My first trimmer rack was purchased from a dealer. At first it looked very strong so Ididnt pay attention to the price. A few weeks later, I got out of my truck to find one of my trimmer handles and throttle assembley completely broken off of the shaft. It didnt hold the trimmer in place securely enough and it broke it from all the bouncing. I then purchased a no name brand from ebay because I had remembered seeing one like it on another trailer. I got out of the truck and went to unload the trimmer when the bracket completey fell off causeing the trimmer to hit the ground and break the plastic engine protection pieces. Needless to say, it was the weld that had come loose. It was a good thing it didnt happen while I was driving because I had that side of the rack bolted closer to the truck which means if that trimmer would have fallen, The ground movie would have caught the engine, broke it off the trailer, and sent it flying in the air.
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