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Originally Posted by Restrorob View Post
Just wondering Ron, To what do you base this claim on ?

The only problem units we see are the ones that kids and drunken rednecks beat the he11 out of doing stupid things that NO brand unit could withstand.
I just base it on what I have seen with my own eyes as I am out trailriding and at the shops getting parts or service or a new atv, and what I have been told over the last 10 years or so that I have been riding fourwheelers. I owned a polaris once, it never gave me any trouble.... it was one of their most simple ones built though, a Trailblazer 250. Their larger units are overly complicated and just not as well engineered as the units from Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda or Suzuki.

As far as which one of those last four I listed is best, well really they all are fairly equal. Personally, if you are going to be REALLY WORKING the snot out of the thing, I would look for a model with a all gears transmission, not a Belt CVT type as most of the " Automatics " use.

I have owned and ridden ATV's by almost all the major brands. My favorite was the Vtwin Kawasaki Prarie, but that was back in 2000 or maybe 2001 and I know the newer ATVS are even nicer. At the prices these things go for these days, maybe you should look at getting a Yamaha Rhino, you would probably get more use out of it, and you could enclose it for warmth in the winter while your plowing.

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