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1997 Ford f350 Low Range 4x4 Slipping?

I have the 1997 F350 (old body style), Doing a dry run the other day to make sure everything is ready for winter I engaged the truck in LOW RANGE 4x4, I rarely use the Low Range, if ever. Well after engaging it and putting it in drive, I pressed the gas and the engine reved, the truck went slowly as if it was slipping then BAM, the wheels engaged. I did it again and the engine reved and reved and then eventually it kicked in. Is this normal for LOW RANGE 4x4 (auto tranny), because the 4X 4 high is working perfectly (no reving or slipping) the fluids are fine, not burn't. I have never run 4 low unless it was in I don't know if this is normal...Any help out there?
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