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Beam restriction

Originally Posted by nightscapespaul View Post
I'm using a combination of Kichlers 15384s with bab 60s and frosted lenses and also 15385s. The actual look is very even and warm.
I was just reading through some old posts and came accross this one. In that meeting we were in last week, someone brought up the point that the 15384 wouldn't allow the beam spread of a 60 degree bulb to come out because the bulb was too far back away from the lens. What is your experience with this? Have you ever tested a 60 deg. bulb side by side in a 384 vs. something with a very open lens like a 15381? I need to do this soon to resolve my curiosity, but I thought you may have already done so. I know that you can put a lens on the fixture to stretch the beam, but I'm mainly concerned about the fixture itself with no lens or accessories.
If anyone else would like to chime in, please feel free. Thanks in advance.
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