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Originally Posted by AJ Lawnscapes View Post
I think the best business men/women are those without the education.

You seem to have it it together tthomass. Good on yah.

And Alarsh, education in college is time away from business. You seem to have it together also. Evening classes and/or a landscaping/business class at the community college are all you need, no need for a degree if this is where your heart is.

Just my 2 cents. I'm a highschool dropout, and a Vet. Been in this industry since my mom married my stepdad, and he's been very supportive. Family also full of small business owners.

only people i ever hear make this statement are those without the offense intended...

having a better education does not by itself make you a better or worse businessman. It does teach you a lot of different information that you can use to draw from to solve problems, and can help you with the financial end of the business.
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