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There were a lot of cracks to fill, in fact, I thought they should have just coated the whole parking lot. They poured that hot tar right over dirt, cigarettebuts, and everything else that was in its path. Now my wife who just happens to work there, came home with one of her tires coated with a thick layer of it. It probably pulled up a hole piece when she drove over it. I'll have to go out there and take a screwdriver to it or putty knife to it to scrape it all off. She said she thought she had a flat tire last night coming home from work. I would think so, you should see this large piece stuck all over her tire.
You know, I would think that they should have done only half of the lot at a time and then barricaded it off to dry up some, they just poured and left.
What's your thoughts on this.
Thanks for your input.
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