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Your answers

Fair questions,
- Pull trailer with ZT & walk behind mowers
- Debris removal, spring & fall
- Deliver supplies for landscape projects and cleanup
- Thinking strongly about investing in leaf removal equipment for next fall
- Snow removal (a 4" snow here is huge)
- Ice management ( we do get ice)
- It is the only business truck but there are PU's in the crew

To bring my question to better focus:
I have a 2002 Chevy C&C ordered w/ Duramax/Allison combo in need of a bed.
It's slotted for a Crysteel 8'dump.
I have a window where I may be able to modify my bed selection if there's a better mouse trap.
I'm just looking for the best utilization of a pricy "TOOL"
I was getting a PU anyway and thought this would be a more versatile investment.
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