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I'm leaning towards a flat bed with dump.
Bed would extend from 8' with the crysteel to 9 1/2' with the flat.
I would have the option to build or buy the sides that I need when I need them. Could still haul a few yards of mulch, top soil ect. With higher sides you could haul tree and shrub trimmings then by fall I could manufacture an enclosure for the leaf removal aspect. I seem to be sugar coating this concept but can't see any negatives to the flatbed. I've been reading these threads for a couple months now and I know you guys, and gals, are capable of raining on a parade or two. Is this just a no brainer and I'm to green to see the obvious? Drop dead date is this friday, after that I'm cruisin in a new 3500 Chevy dump. All Opinions are truely welcome.
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