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I have always thought the Scrambler 4x4's were a cool idea.

After spending some time on one, I thought they were a great start that was never refined for use everywhere. Really cool 'sporty-type' ATV with good 4x4 and an auto tranny anyone can operate.

However, in the mountains around here, I found out in pretty short order that it will easily climb up hilly terrain that you cannot easily crawl back down like you can on other machines. (My old Prarie was the same way).

I also found out it is not even near as light as a full-blown sport ATV.

All in all, it's a really good quad for it's class. A lot of traction without being a UTE... pretty sporty, yet 4x4. All I'm trying to say is that I think it's a shame they didn't develop it further. It could use an engine breaking dial/knob and a switch to lock in the 4x4 for serious downhill crawling... and if it was 150-175 lbs lighter... it could go from 'really good' to phenominal.

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