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help me choose a rental skid steer!

well next spring i will be renting a skid steer from Sunbelt rentals i am 15 and always wanted to drive one for a day and this is the perfect excuse any way our 3/4 of our yard is big enough for a full size skid steer and the other 1/4 in my backyard next to the pool/fence. if i lift the lift arms up i could clear the pool and fence it is a tight squeeze, the squeeze is about 50" but i think can go close to 70" with the loader arms down i will have to check more on this. i need to dig up 3" of grass up on my front yard/backyard, dig up plants and lift take out back yard side walk and lay dirt/gravel/mulch etc... it takes me almost 1 1/2 hours to mow our grass my grass so i decide not to rent a dingo. i think this job needs a big bucket and power i have got it down to 4 models to rent. i wonder if i rent a wheeled unit will it tear up the grass? and i need it to have a back up alarm for safety!! i will let them deliver and pick up for $185 at my 5mi away location if i rent the john Deere and live within the same city will they rent to me for the same delivery price?

bobcat-463 not sure it is 21hp or tiny bucket is powerful enough-cost $140 24hours or 8 machine hours. back up alarm? don't like lift height

new Holland ls160- $150 a day 24hours or 8 machine hours. back up alarm?

john Deere-322 track loader $180 24h or 8 machine hours, back up alarm? not at my original Sunbelt location is 30mi away and does it have a back up alarm?

bobcat regular size- don't want to use a full size bobcat just think they are under powered compared to other brands and are very tippy

thanks for the input !
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