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well any of the skid steers will fit through my backyard gate over 100" wide but in the backyard on the other side there is a fence that blocks view of the backyard neighbors that is really close to our pool (in ground) that might not be big enough for the skid steer to get through. over by the pool tiny work will be done i could do that with a shovel but when you rent a skid steer just more fun to rip it up

i would like to take landscaping up as my career get to driver skid steers and get paid what could be better

i need at least 7-8 feet lift height because our wooden fence is just over 6' l

we will save the dirt to cut costs down from the dirt being pick-up
well we have a shed in the corner of our yard that is a tiny gap the skid steer is too big. just big enough a person can get through. so i will have to drive the skid steer into my neighborers yard and dump the dirt behind my shed so i don't want to tear his yard up with tires. so i am leaning towards the john Deere
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