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Originally Posted by leathelbuzzkill View Post
i am only going 4-6" down will i have to call someone to mark where the pipes are in the ground?
You will probably hit the cable TV cable to your house regardless of anything you do to prevent it. Around here, the installers barely break through the sod and just lay it on the ground and hope the homeowner doesn't cut their grass too close!

As suggested, definitely call the line locators to come out and mark the area; make sure you call several days in advance of when you plan to dig.

The renting a truck thing may or may not work out to your advantage but is definitely the right sort of thing to be thinking about. That pickup and delivery is a killer!

The first job I ever did, I had to buy a 5 gal can and drive back and forth to the gas station about 6 times to fill up the loader I rented! What a pain in the butt. If you do rent a truck and trailer, at least you will be able to drive the thing up to a pump and save some aggravation. The rental house will probably charge you about $6 a gallon to top the tank back off, which can add up pretty fast.
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