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Also don't forget about the septic tank and/or sprinkler system lines. Most locators will not mark connecting gas lines either. I have seen what happens when a skid steer hit a gas line someone had buried only 10 inches down, NICE! As for lawn that you want to save any machine can leave its mark. As suggested above make sure the lawn is not wet and soggy, but dry can be bad as well. Hard skid-steer tires can crush dry lawns and leave tracks that last for weeks. Both tracked and wheeled machines can tear up grass when making a turn. Best way to avoid this is not to make a turn when the bucket is loaded. Even a wide turn on a skid steer will do some damage when the machine is loaded. Why not practice turning on the lawn you want to dig out first? This way you get the feel for the machine before risking the areas you want to save. The main advantage of tracks is that they don't pack your soil while giving you maximum push for digging.
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