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Originally Posted by W.F.D. Plower View Post
Thanks, can you buy it at hardware stores?
No, you can buy it from a Pavestone distributor (like myself) or from any local paver distributor. We have Reading Rock in Cincinnati, but you may have someone different. Pavestone will not sell to the general public, so you will need to find another route if you are not a legitimate operation. It's not rocket science to apply, but a little tricky to get. You can also go to Being in Canada, you shouldn't have a real hard time finding it. Interlocking concrete pavers were first introduced in Canada in 1982 (just a bit of history).

A good supplement would be concrete sealer that is readily available at any Home Depot, but don't tell your customer that or you'll lose the job. It's that easy to do!
and order their line of cleaner and sealers. I would suggest cleaning the drive if there is any sign of efflorescence, (white-milky surface coloring) a byproduct of all concrete.
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