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Originally Posted by leathelbuzzkill
if i rent a lowes rental pick up truck to tow the skid steer home and rent a trailer for 24 hours take the rental truck back to lowes get in our car drive home next day go back to lowes and rent the truck again and tow the load back wonder if i would cut the cost down?
From what I've seen, Lowe's rental trucks are not set up to tow trailers. I don't think they have receiver hitches, and even if they did you would need a ball mount ($25+). They also most certainly don't have brake controllers, and I'm pretty sure their limited rental agreements limit the truck from doing anything but hauling a load of stuff home from Lowe's. Unless you happen to own EVERYTHING you need to haul a machine- truck, trailer, chains and binders, you are way ahead money and time wise to have the machine delivered.

I know you basically want to do this for the fun of it, and I don't blame you a bit. I've been there. It's tons of fun to rent a machine and play with it if you've never run one before. So don't try to fool yourself into thinking you'll save a buck here and there by hauling it yourself. If you really wanted to get the best bang for your buck, you'd just hire the job done and get it over with. An experienced guy could get more work done in two hours then you'll get done in a day. Not trying to burst your bubble, that's just a fact. Have fun, and be sure to post pics when the project's finished.
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