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Originally Posted by Microbe View Post
So basically... If you don't have an earth tea brewer machiene that costs thousands of dollars, you can't make true tea? I find it hard to believe.... They also had a product that was a 100 sprayer with an aeration system to keep the tea fresh...

You can't take bat and sea bird guano and simmer it... make a concentrate... then mix it with lets say 50 gallons... or the proper ratio and use it? Why does this whole organic thing have to be so much money? If I had a huge business... I would mabye purchase a product like the earth tea machiene.... but still... I don't even know were I'd store it to make tea...
There are many companies that make quality brewers, though you may only need one that makes 5 gallons of tea. If you tea is high in beneficial biology, you may dilute it up to 5 to 1. That gives you 30 gallons of tea to work with. There is a lot of science that goes into making quality compost tea, so make sure the company you buy from has done the research and can show you tests that show consisent results that are above or within range for their tea.

Good luck!
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