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Not Rocket Science

Soil Food Web, Inc Their labs do the testing on the raw product to determine the makeup of the contents of the material that we purchase. Total cost on a finished compost tea sample is $188, $195 on the starter compost material.

Growing Solutions in Oregon has simple brewing systems to purchase or mimic

All compost tea production is a brewing process that extracts microorganisms from compost followed by microbial growth and multiplication. This includes beneficial bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes.

Start with a material that is tested to contain sufficient starter quantities of what you are looking for. Brewing is simple extraction into aerated water to prevent anaerobic activity, and multiplication of the organisms you are looking for.

Not too big a deal if you are just looking to brew quantities for daily use which has a limited shelf life.

Minimum Standards for Compost Tea, per Milli-Liter of Compost Tea

10-150 g active bacteria
150-300 g total bacteria
2-10 g active fungi
5-20 g total fungi
1,000 flagellates
1,000 amoebas
20-50 ciliates
2-10 beneficial nematodes
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