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1: Who are you? Eddie Clemons - Eden Lights - Architecual and Landscape Lighting

2: Where are you from? Nashville, Tennessee

3: How long in the biz? 8 years, 100% lighting

4: Individual Specialty?
• Eden Lights only business focus and passion is Architectural and Landscape Lighting and the associated control systems.
• Eden Lights starts every working relationship with a comprehensive consultation with each client.
• Eden Lights provides detailed master plans and estimates on every project based on client consultation, site evaluation, and collaboration with other professionals. Distinctively Different results do not come from 30 minute design proposals in the dark.
• Eden Light’s moves from one very different architectural or landscape style to another with confidence drawn from unparalleled formal education, knowledge, and experience creating low voltage lighting systems.
• Eden Lights is a totally independent and private company that’s only focus is what’s best for its client’s projects. No franchisers, manufactures, or associations to limit creative design and or product availability constraints.
• Eden Light’s principal, Eddie Clemons will personally perform the work on your property.
• The owner, designer, and installer will be on site allowing your project to evolve, to be reviewed, and to be edited becoming something Distinctively Different.
• Every project goes through an after dark design review including fixture placements, lamp selections, aiming, and shielding process.
• All specimen plants fixture locations are determined in a night time review. All trees have a unique structural fingerprint and so the lighting of them requires the same uniqueness.
• Eden Lights installs fully automated lighting controls allowing care free operation and complete home lighting integration.
• Eden Lights will complete your project meeting and exceeding your expectations before moving on to the next project.
• Eden Lights maintains the equipment and resources to make repairs within the shortest amount of time.
• Eden Lights initial project costs will be equal to or slightly higher than average companies and in return you won’t be receiving anything average.
• You will receive the best in design, the best in equipment, the best in technical execution, and a all inclusive and unparalleled warranty including a exclusive 3 year lamp, maintenance, and labor warranty that includes a 24 hours a day 7 days a week contact with the owner.
• Over time your investment in a Distinctively Different Eden Lights system will prove to be a far greater value. It will be more energy efficient, it will require lower maintenance, it will be more durable, it will be trouble free, and it will add value and equity to your property.
• You will be the owner of a lighting system that is second to none and will stand the test of time.

5: Largest Job Installed? 8 Transformers with over 200 fixtures from over 10 manufacturer's with automated control of system plus 175 loads inside and outside the home including pool, spa, waterfalls, and etc. One Party button turns on over 400 various lighting fixtures and the All-off button shuts everything down.

6: Most fun you ever had on a job? The one where the GFI circuit was already installed in the proper location,working properly, and sealed to prevent all nuisance tripping. All sidewalks and driveways were sleeved in the proper location and marked for easy finding. All the plants were planted away from where I wanted my fixtures to go. The fixture stakes went in the ground like a hot knife in butter and the path lights were straight as a arrow with no adjusting. All of the runs required no voltage tap adjustments and the loads were balanced on each 300W section of the transformer. While at a extended lunch since everything was going so great a good client saw us and picked up the lunch tab. When we returned the irrigation crew that also does lighting had mistakenly trenched, buried, and mulched all the wire and cleaned the area. Client was screaming how great it looked that night as if she was on extreme home makeover and I was TY. When I asked how to set up the control times, she said however I would recommend. She paid in cash and didn't need a final invoice. It was a once in a lifetime day.
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