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Originally Posted by Mike & Lucia View Post
1: Who are you? Mike Deo

2: Where are you from? New Jersey

3: How long in the biz? Three years

4: Individual Specialty? Design first (I get paid to do a design and proposal)

5: Largest Job Installed? Two clients racing for the title, both are currently over 250 fixtures. I love projects that never end!

6: Most fun you ever had on a job? On my fourth installation the lady of the house asked if she could hug me when we did the after-dark. It's happened several times since then, but I'll always remember my first time.

Always the entrepreneur, I've owned a pallet manufacturung and recycling business for the past 11 years. It is still a going concern, but I spend 80% of my time developing and growing my lighting business. I speak several times per year at area schools with horticultural programs - Rutgers University is coming up. A real plant lover, I try to tie my lighting into the landscape seamlessly. The profs and gardeners appreciate it. Doing a bit with automation these days. I want to be Eden Lights when I grow up! Thanks, Eddie. You offer a wealth of info on the subject. I read often, but don't post as much as I'd like - time is in short supply. Two grade-school kids who won't allow me to be an abscentee Daddy!

Great thread James.
Any relation to Ronnie James?
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