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Originally Posted by JoeyD View Post
That well Light is hideous and would never sit up out of the ground.
Joey, the lamps are the same distance from the ground. I can bury that well down to China, but it wont look any different on the wall.

Originally Posted by JoeyD View Post
And who would light a sided plain white wall like that anyway with a well.
The wall is brown and is a excellent place for me to look at fixture and lamp photometrics. Brick, Stucco, Stone, it would look the same on anything. Tell me what to order with a par in it from Unique and I will buy one tomorrow and put it up on the wall? If you are suggesting a bi-pin flood, let me know which unit and we can compare it to say a KIM KLV215 on the wall?

Originally Posted by JoeyD View Post
I mean you could but ofcourse the bullet will win out there.
Thanks Joey - 1 vote MR and 0 votes for the PAR.

I knew I liked you!

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