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Originally Posted by JoeyD View Post
Eddie you got to come better than that. That was like comparing a Turd to a Sunset.
holy crap, thats a good one joey!

actually, eddie, some customers LOVE LOVE LOVE the way PARs cast light in the way you illustrated. i had a builder that became almost belligerent when i used an MR instead of his beloved PAR. this dude LOVED the vast array of PAR lights that delivered an almost prison-yard amount of light all over the front of his personal home (note: this was done by another contractor).

after trying to explain my selection of fixture via photometric data, i finally capitulated and swapped some of the lights out for wells when i got the hint that he only wanted PARs.

i personally prefer MR photometrics over PAR, however, I reiterate that it isn't about what us "pros" think looks good, its what the customer - you know, the one who pays us - thinks looks good.

as much as it hurts to go against our own ideas of beauty, sometimes that's exactly what we must do. maybe i'm just old fashioned?
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