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Thanks for all the replies . . . been tied up in the hospital the past couple of day . . . couldn't reply any sooner. . .

We have similar problems, initial maintenance whether for a new item or for a new period ("season") is done fairly on schedule. It is the long term regular maintenance that usually gets neglected.

Our schedule is not the same week after week after week so we're trying to find a way to be able to monitor how much a piece of equipment (that doesn't have a meter) is being used. Obviously, we'd like to service the equipment regularly but at the same time not waste performing services more frequently that is necessary.

Manually logging down hours, although cumbersome for small equipment, is a valid solution. However, we're looking for a better system one if it exists.

Stonehenge, are you looking to go back to Maui or Lanai or some other island?

Aloha to you all

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