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1: Who are you?
Gregg Catanese

2: Where are you from?
Santa Clara Valley (you may know it as Silicon Valley, but I've been here longer than that name has)

3: How long in the biz?
Mostly employed in horticulture or related fields since high school. Worked in orchards and dairy farming a little. Started a landscape maint. business in 1981. Got my CA landscape contractor's license in 1988. Started installing irrigation about the same time. Attended a Nightscaping seminar in 1989 and installed my first lighting job in 1990. Have attended lots of seminars and gotten certificates given by other manufacturers over the years.

4: Individual Specialty?
Troubleshooting, repairs and renovations. Residential design and installations.

5: Largest Job Installed?
Seven transformers, 125 fixtures.

6: Most fun you ever had on a job?
I'm always pleased when a customer tells me I have "carte blanche"...and the extra touches from truly appreciative clients are nice.. like sending me home with bottles of wine, or feeding me fresh baked lemon blueberry scones and coffee for breakfast when I get there... but the most fun is when I'm their hero, solving a problem that other service people couldn't figure out..
Landscaper. Irrigator. Illuminator. Music lover. Coffee drinker.
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