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Originally Posted by greenjeans_il View Post
That's pretty much what Daner posted the link to up top. It converts from a BIG hole to smaller holes judging from the description.

For small scale areas wouldn't one of the expanded metal, drum style spreaders work? And then for large areas I'd say a conveyored top dresser though I've never seen one used for compost.

That dried compost pellets just looks like organic matter to me. I wouldn't go so far as to call it compost. Do they offer any test results on that stuff?

Its made from ground up leaves and twigs...then they compress It...The great part that I see...Is this stuff expands with H20 ...A ballpark calculation comparasion to reg.dirt compost would be a mass of 2.5 to 1.

Since I started this thread...I have Indeed used the pellet compost.
Now what I find It most beneficial for I s Over seeading...or just to build up organic mater in a area that hasent done so well.
So aerate fertilize ...over seed...then spread the pellets...what happens..Imo...the pellets expand with the water covering the seeds...very important during the germination period...I have used it and it does work.
As far as the spreaders...the push spreader is fine for the small lawns...most of my property's a a fair I use a electric hopper style spreader, that mounts to the back or front of the Atv.

All In all, My thumbs are up to this compost.

Have a good one
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