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Originally Posted by WoodChucker View Post
Remember when we were kids and we flew those control line model airplanes with 2 lines tethered to a control handle that we moved back and forth to make the airplane go up and down.

Imagine the same idea with a mower controlled by 2 ropes to move it up and down on a very steep slope.

I ran a 3/8" solid braid nylon rope through a 2' length of thick wall 3/4" PVC schedule 40 for a control handle.
Then I tied snap hooks onto the 2 ends and attached them to ubolts that I had installed fore and aft on the thick aluminum deck of the Lawn Boy Pro.

The "all terrain" gas tank (a 1 gallon Rotella T jug) hung from the handle cross bar on a double loop of 3/8" solid braid nylon rope so that it was always vertical no matter what the mower angle of attack might be.
I had installed a hose barb fitting in the jug and ran a fuel line to the mower carburetor.

It was great for mowing difficult areas that you could not (or did not want to) walk across.

I suppose that some day we will have radio controlled self propelled robot mowers that can go anywhere.

Of course, they will put all of us out of work ... unless we will work cheaper than the robot mowers.

OK now for your next project, purchase a few industrial servos a RC receiver and a 4 or 5 channel RC transmitter, install the servos and receiver on a Z and just lounge on a lawn chair and mow your lawn by remote control
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