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Lawrence,<p>Have you had good luck with those? I bought 4 a few years back and had terrible luck with them. All 4 broke, litterally came apart in 2 peices before the end of May that year. We wound up totally rebeuilding/reinforcing them by mid summer.<p>I still remember the feeling of your sulky going one way and your mower going the other. It felt like you were stretchman, the toy they had for kids years ago.<p>I paid like 1000.00 for all 4 and sold them at the end of that year for 150.00 total. One of the biggest peice of junk equipment I ever actually purchased.<p>I hope/I'm sure they've made changes (I see the wheels are bigger) They must have or they wouldn't still be selling them and you wouldn't be recommending them.
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