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Actually I don't have the exact models they<br>sell today. I bought 2 of the first generation models. They called them model<br>1994 for they were made in 1994.<p>They are made very heavy duty. With a 3/4 inch square tube frame with diamond plate<br>steel. The first ones (1994) models had<br>square corners and I cut them on the diagonal<br>like the newer ones so the would not come<br>into contact with buildings etc. I also<br>cut the rear roller off.<p>I have fabracated 3 more mounting plates so<br>I can use them on any of my five machines.<p>Actually I have a WTB ad at<br>looking for used units at add to the fleet.<p>Maybe I should reconsider buying 2 more of<br>the new units. Turf specialites is working<br>up a price for me on two of the newer models<br>that will be changed to use the 1994 attachment.<p>Thanks for the heads up maybe I will just<br>buy one unit to test.<br>
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