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wrong lawn treated today

Today we got a call from a longtime customer reporting that a competitor treated her lawn by mistake. She prepaid us for the year, and we were only 2 or 3 days away from applying "our product" on her property.

I just got in this afternoon, so the phone was passed over to me. I told her everything would be okay, but she wanted to know the difference between what her lawn "would have received" compared what was applied by this other outfit. So I told her.....we use 34-3-11 plus micro's (slow release) on clay soil lawns right now. She is also an ISU grad, and she knows that our program was developed by this university. Then she asked if we had a product to apply to "make up the difference" in nutrients missing (especially micronutrients because she has clay soil). I basically told her would be alright. I felt bad.

Tough deal all around. We'll carry over a credit on her account for 2008. We lost income, and her lawn did not get the best of nutrients.

I don't blame our competitor, cuz it can happen to all of us.

Anybody else run into competitors applying cheap fert by mistake?
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