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Mow Ed the 52&quot; Toro deck is much better.<br>I have both decks. Because the 52&quot; has more<br>of an offset it trims better. Plus it just plain mows better and mulches better. Also<br>because the front casters are wider it is<br>more stable cutting across steep slopes.<p>A cheap way to upgrade to a 52&quot; deck is to<br>buy an old gear drive with a 52&quot; deck and<br>just switch decks (12 bolts and 2 belts).<p>The bagging kits (toro) are interchangable.<p>Try going to and look in the<br>misc. listing using toro as a search word.<p>A new 52&quot; deck is $1500+<br>You should be able to find a complete gear<br>drive unit with a 52&quot; for about $1k.<p>This way you also get a another complete spare mower just buy another sulky attachment plate.<p>IMHO you can never have enough lawn mowers.<p>
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