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Don't knock the Troy-Bilt until you try it... <p>I used to have one that I used for getting into small gates. I just loved the 33&quot; deck and the compact size. Compaired to some WB mowers the short front(lengh)is great. Takes up less space on trailor, easier to manuvere, and it did have a beautiful cut. I especially liked the crank for adjusting the deck height. <p>But,ya'll are right about the deck...POS. And the frame was not strong enough for commercial use. The engine and drive train seemed to handle the load of everday use though.<p>If some manufacturer would build one in comercial quality I'd buy one in a heartbeat.<p>When I had my truck and trailor stolen, I had left the TB at home. While waiting for settlement, I borrowed a truck, loaded up the TB and mowed all 42 of my yards without missing a beat. Did that for 2 weeks. That $1400 machine saved my business, and gets my praise.<p><p>----------<br>Jim.....from Fouke, Arkansas (Home of the Boggy Creek Monster)<br>
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