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I have a Dual Drive Ferris 48&quot;, fixed deck. I also have a Toro hydro. I have tried the single drive Ferris, which is steered by brakes. I don't like them. They don't turn as well with the straight, non-pivoting shaft of my turf rider sulky. I weigh almost 200 lbs, so it does make a difference. I have never used the mower without a sulky since I can't run at top speed, but I can ride at top speed, or darn near.<p>I spend 90% of my mowing time on the Ferris. My next walk behind mower will definitely be a Ferris. My next Z is also going to be a Ferris Pro Cut with independent suspension. I prefer the Ferris walkbehind because it goes straight since both wheels turn and you steer with your left and right levers. <p>With the T grip on the Toro, you squeeze both sides of one handle. You must squeeze both evenly to track straight. My Ferris automatically goes straight ahead and then you turn the wheels with the pistol grips.<p>It is difficult to explain, but those who have used both know what I'm talking about. Also, hydros have a positive reverse versus a &quot;reverse assist&quot; for gear or belt drives, whichever you prefer to call them. <p>I never have to stop to go into reverse, if you have a belt drive, you have to stop to shift gears, reverse or otherwise. Anyone who is in this business knows stopping or slowing down costs money. &lt;b&gt;Increased production is increased profit, minus the increased costs.&lt;/b&gt;<p>Ferris has the best warranty in the industry. Their machines are covered, both parts and labor, for a two year period. The only exclusions are blades, belts and tires (understandable). They are pretty confident their machines are going to last, and so am I. I drive over 200 miles to buy them new, if that tells you how much I like them. <p>There are many good mowers out there, you just have to find one that suits you. I suggest you demo them and see how quickly you can pick up on the machine's individual controls. One of the dealers was willing to let me use their demo for a week, 200 some miles away. That's service.<p>Ferris may not be prevalent in your area, but in my opinion, they are worth traveling a little for. If you need parts, they will send them within 24 hours to YOUR HOME, not to some dealership who may or may not make sure they make it safely into your hands.<p>I have a line on low prices on them along with Toro, Bobcat and Skag. I know they don't have much competition when it comes to bothe service and price. The two dealers I deal with sell a couple of other brands, but out of what they sell, these are the brands I would trust the most. Also, these dealers are full line dealerships, meaning they sell every model of the brands they sell. Email me at if you want the phone number to one or both dealers. I hope this helps. <p>John
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