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Originally Posted by terryenterprises View Post
Every yard has grubs. But 1 of 5 lawns will see damage. Maybe you havent had damage in 20 years, but this year is your year. That is my response to that.
I agree with Terry.

Need to break it down to the agronomics.

1) I would share with them that aeration has nothing to do with grubs.
2) Share with them the life cycle of a grub and explain how every year is different.
2) Would share with them the postivies and negatives of core aeration....Oh wait there are no negatives.

After you have told them this hopefully they will believe and trust you. If not....feel them out and I would drop them. They will just be blaming something else on you in the future.

I have a couple customers that are the "My neighbor said that........" or "I heard on TV......" and I just explain that this is what I do for a living and that I will not lead them wrong.

But if they didn't trust me...I would drop them.
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