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hey guys-<br>I've demo-ed most of the major brands of WB's, & I like honda so well I bought 2 of them. I bought 2 commercial used ones (1 yr. old) for the price of 1 new one, & I love it. Sep. hydros for each wheel, AND you can drive each one independently; meaning you can mow across the side of a hill, & drive the downslope wheel faster to keep you straight & level on the hill. There may be a couple of others that do that, but I'm not aware of any. They have a good top speed for light mowing or transport, & give a real nice cut & make EXCELLENT stripes. Plus you get the infamous quality of Honda engines. Now they are pricey to buy new; that's why I bought used. You do get what you pay for, most of the time. I happen to like pistol grips much better than a T-bar, Cause they give complete indiv. control over each wheel. I like the ease of use too. Just my two cents worth; you don't hear much about honda's anymore.<br>Smitty
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