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I would suggest scag.We bought a 14hp 36'' hydro and we love it it does where our walker can't fit.I read that some guys had scag dealer problems.We personaly have great dealer service but yes i'm shure that there is alot of scag dealers that are boneheads.We have one in town!So we deal with a dealer 1/2 an hour away.Ya I now it is a pain to drive that far but his service is awsome so it makes up for the drive.As far as exmark vs scag.I'm sure that exmark makes great walkbehinds we were planing on leasing one,but the interest rate was nuts!Both mowers were almost the same in price but I looked at how much more I would end up paying in the long run and we decided to lease the scag.As far as those who say that exmark gives a better cut,I can't say that the don't all that I know is our scag gives a very good cut.That may be becouse it is a small deck but i'm sure that even the larger decks cut well too.Bottom line not really which mower,most are built allmost the same an most are very reliable,the key factor finding a dealer that will be honest do good work and most important have a good parts supply.<br>P.S if you are going to be leasing make sure you find out how much you will be paying in interest.This can save you alot of money!<p>from:Adam<br>AB Lawn Care<p><br>
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