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There are two schools of thought concerning the hydro vs gear debate. Some won't &quot;waste&quot; there money on hydros, while others wouldn't waste there time with gear drives. It's really a preference, and I wouldn't use anything that isn't hydro. <p>My suggestion is to look at your hourly rate and decide how many hours it would take to pay the extra $1400. If you clear $40 per hour (which is not unreasonable), you can figure in 35 hours of saved time, the hydro has paid for itself. Divided over 28 weeks ( a common number of cuts) equals 1.25 hours each week you need to save in your first year to pay for the difference in prices.&lt;p&gt;<br>Cany you save 1.25 hours per weeek, even part time? Yes. Therefore, I feel it is justified.&lt;p&gt;John
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