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I never questioned their quality, and anyone who has had discussion with me regarding FX would know that I always have stated that they are a quality company with quality products. but it simply is not true that they have never had a product corrode. I am not making this up Craig, maybe you have the same luck as a lot of others have. But I can tell you right now I have RS BULLETS in my possesion with corrosion issues at the knuckle and at the knuckle adjustment screw. No product is so perfect that they can make aluminum and never have a corrosion issue!!

This comment I made was not to say that FX is not quality. I know they are, this comment was regading a blanket statement that bassicly says they have never had a fixture corrode. To me it is either a lie or they just have never had a customer ask to return one.

I refuse to go after my competition, I will go after a knockoff but I will not post a photo of these lights. But if it is possible please undertsand and trust that I sold FX for 2 years but I have been involved lighting in San Diego for 12 years. They will corrode at some point and they do corrode at some point. The aluminum is only as good as it's powdercoat. Once the powdercoat gets a chip or an imperfection water will bubble it and then it is only a matter of time before the aluminum begins to corrode. I dont care if this aluminum comes from another galaxy, it will corrode at some point.
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