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Originally Posted by Burkhart Lawn Care View Post
From what I read, maybe Im wrong but it said you had to licensed for restricted pesticides. What about thoes you can buy at lowes?
If you apply ANY pesticide commercially. Commerically means that you are for hire. If you go to Lowes, buy a jug of weed killer off the shelf for $15, go home and mix it, drive down the street and spray Mrs. Jone's dandelions, you need a license. That goes for non restricted use pesticides. Even round-up! If you want to spray weeds growing along the curb for a customer.. YOU NEED A LICENSE!

And the post earlier about fertilizer being a "Pesticide". What are you smoking? Is there a label on a bag of fertilizer that has procedures and recommended rates and MSDS stuff and numbers to call in case you get it in your eye? Since when is pH a pest anyways? Jeeze.
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