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Come on guys, I'm serious. Just think of the possibilities this could bring.
Example 1) say a few of you come to be really good friends and one day, God forbid, you fall and break your leg. Lets say you don't have any one to help you, but Now, you could call on your local lawn friends that I'm sure would chip in and help you get your jobs complete.

Example 2) We could warn each other of bad customers to stay away from.

Example 3) If we were really good friends, and you really wanted to get a certain contract, we could just not go after that one.

Example 4) Say your mower breaks down right at the worst time, and one of us could loan you one or just help you out.

I could go on and on, so do you see what I'm talking about?
I know your first thought is that your saying, man.....thats our competition....
But it does'nt have to be like that.
Why heck, just think, if a lot of us came together and got on the same page with our pricing, we could put a damper on the customers that want to kick the tires so to speak.
Heres a thought, why we could fix pricing like the concrete people do.LOL just kidding of course.
Anyway, just think about it.
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