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I have never been one to shy away from controversy, so I'm not going to start now....even amongst a crowd.

I and my family have ridden ATV's in the past, quite a bit in fact, at an uncle's farm in Indiana a few years ago. They can be quite fun if ridden safely, no question.

The biggest problem I see with them is the gross environmental destruction that many drivers cause with them!
(And you guys are green industry people, too. I think most of you know where I'm coming from here)
Yeah, there may be some folks out there who have 'set' trails, with ditches and pipe culverts well in place. But you'd have to agree that's rare.
Much more often you see random trails going wherever, through whatever habitat gets in the way, taking little consideration for erosion patterns.

Another problem is the 'sprawl' of them in general into unauthorized land. I went camping and climbing at Red River Gorge / Dan'l Boone Nat'l Forest in KY two weeks ago with some buddies and had issues with them encroaching into the national forest area where we were. In fact, two 4 wheelers zipped past our camp area in the twilight, right toward a gravel parking area where I knew that there had been Ranger parked minutes before. Sure enough, they got nailed!

Don't mean to poop on your parade so much, but you should hear this perspective and understand why these ATVs can be damaging in different ways, other than that of killing yourself in a turnover or something.
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