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No kidding, turn down the heat. If we all did things the same way what fun would that be. I am licensed to apply pesticides, and also sell them. We apply and sell plenty of organics too to both high end customers and the not so high end ones. All of our services are based on IPM (Integrated Pest Management - see post from a couple of weeks ago). I offer options, and then prices. If someone (a homeowner or a commercial company) wants to find out about product or what else is available, I tell them all that I know. I base what I know on my results from actually using the different products. With all due respect to those who have differing opinions, Larry, I have even had success selling these organic types of products to municipal interests when the product suited their needs. Nothing is impossible, and as a trade we can stand to think globally, not locally. I even sell and spread products that are 50% organic, as an option - these products are usually avaible from local blenders, and work very well. We use a lot of Espoma organic products, ROOTS, and a general purpose fertilizer call Organi-Grow (5-5-0) which is similar to Milorganite. And, by the way, isn't lime organic? Synthetic products do provide controlled release, and I use plenty of them (we unload 22 tons of Scotts w/Pendi today), especially for weed and insect control in combo products. But, many times, for a straight feeding we will switch to something organic. How much 32-5-7 was spread during the last season in the summertime? Here in CT is was hot and dry. For those who watered, I selected and applied something a little more gentle. In closing, KUTTERS - You ought to try a few different products until you find some that work for you. As far as pricing, don't be intimidated by what others might suggest. Give the public some credit (not too much, though), and let them know why you charge more if you need more product and more labor. Don't put on blinders and simply do what the masses do. <p>----------<br>Phil Grande - Soundview Landscape Supply -<br>Ivy League Landscaping -
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