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Phil your points are well taken for you have<br>then needed education and have a logical thought process with the needed background<br>in math and chemistry. <p>All I was trying to do was educate the group<br>on the economics of orgainic materials.<br>If someone considers this an attack they<br>need to justify thier claim with facts not<br>just an emotional based thought process.<p>Right know I am working up a bid on a state<br>contract that requires a 50% 'natural' base.<br>They also want 500 lbs of pettlitized lime<br>applied per acre yearly. But since the job <br>(mowing, mulching, fertilizations, fall/spring clean up, and flower planting) totals 40 acres over 8 locations I have<br>no problem conformiing to those specs.<p>The best part about bidding large commercial<br>jobs is the non-licensed gypsy contractors<br>are not allowed to even bid on the job.<p>This is the only industry I know of that even<br>considers non-licensed contractors.<p>If your are an electrican or a plumber you<br>have to have a license to even be in business.<p>
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