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a few points about organic ferts. the onger a property is on an organic program the less you need to fert. second every thing in a bag of organic fert is used by the plant or turf but in a bag of synthetic every thing in the bag is not used (inert mater for filler sometime this is hazardous waste allowed by our govern.) when your kid goes out and pulls up a blade of grass and puts in his or her mouth which do you want. for mosquitoes and other insects I have a formula I make at home for just a few pennies and can be bought comm. have a cust. that a farmer, sprayed his chems. on oranges and grapefruit to get rid of white flies did'nt work and asked me to help so I did he couldn't believe it. this is just my oppions good luck<p>----------<br>Dale<br>Southern lawn and Landscape
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