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lawarence, the mixtures I make at home can be bought commercially and do have MSDS forms on them the pesticide I use garlic and pepper tea, now being many cotton farmers and others and your are effecitng the global market every time it rains and your chemicial was down into the rivers and lakes that why Dallas, Tx. is trying to crack down on them they are the number one pollutant in the Trinity river coming from residintial and commercial properties. many state and national parks, now won't allow toxic chemicals. you need to check it out. times are changing the old ways are going to the wayside change with them. I'm not trying to be critical just trying to be informative and sometime we get set in our old ways that change is hard to except myself included. thank for your your input into the forum. see ya <p>----------<br>Dale<br>Southern lawn and Landscape
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