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Alt Fuel discusson, Hummer 0-60 in 6 seconds and gets 80 MPG?

I found an article in Fast Company magazine. The cover say's "This Mechanic can get you 100MPG today with stock parts why can't Detroit" I don't really want to discuss why Detroit isn't getting the job done I do want to get some education on what am I (or all of us ) missing here.

The guys bread and butter is taking new Hummers putting Duramax engine with the Allison transmission into Hummers. He then runs them on a blend of Diesel and used veg oil "strained through a pair of old blue jeans. This doubles the reg mileage from say 16 Mpg to 32 Mpg I guess he is using a 50/50 mix? Then he has an injection system that injects small amounts of Natural gas or ethanol this increases the horsepower tremendously.

I am not mechanically gifted so the injection part is out of my league. But I am capable of getting used oil from a local restaurant straining it with something better than blue jeans and adding it to my fuel tank. I know the cold is an issue and being here in Phoenix I think I have that problem minimized.

Anyone have any reasons this wont work for all of us with Diesel's?
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