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also At least where i live the law enforcment is pretty strict about riding where your not suposed too.
I dont have a problems because two atv trail parks are 30-45 min near me. and they have pretty nice they paths with nice trees and medows.
I really dont ride really fast because Im not in a hurry to meet a tree. I want too slow down and see nature. when I rode at my grandfathers farm I saw deer and lot other neat things. it was probly some of the most happy times of my life but those day are gone. at least Ive still got my atv.
theres alot too see in this country in some times atv Is the only too get there so dont go bashing my sport because of some people that dont know how to respect the land.
I sugest you check out fishers ATV world
like I said theres alot of this country too see.

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