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Originally Posted by mower&more1986 View Post
also At least where i live the law enforcment is pretty strict about riding where your not suposed too.
I dont have a problems because two atv trail parks are 30-45 min near me. and they have pretty nice they paths with nice trees and medows.
I really dont ride really fast because Im not in a hurry to meet a tree. I want too slow down and see nature. when I rode at my grandfathers farm I saw deer and lot other neat things. it was probly some of the most happy times of my life but those day are gone. at least Ive still got my atv.
theres alot too see in this country in some times atv Is the only too get there so dont go bashing my sport because of some people that dont know how to respect the land.
I sugest you check out fishers ATV world
like I said theres alot of this country too see.
Well, I've found that there is all types of DIFFERENT attitudes about what IS acceptable 'trail protocol' and what is NOT when it comes to riding ATVs.

You sound like you have a respectful attitude toward the environment, mower&more. That's great! I hope you pass that on to your family and others as you go along.
I think the key to having an ATV and using it right is to set permanant trails with ditches, pipe culverts, etc (just think like a raindrop!) and to stay on them.

But here's some examples of some stuff I see commonly done around me here in S. Ohio:

1) ATV Riders going off set 'trails' and just going WILD into whatever else is out there! Be it a woods, hayfield, cornfield, or whatever!

2) Making 'ramps' out of soil for jumping their ATVs, (consequently tearing up the surrounding vegetation doing so), and then just leaving their ugly mounds and holes to just sit there and cause erosion problems and / or otherwise become a hazard / problem for someone else to fix later.

3) ATV Riders absolutely destroying the habitats of creek dwellers like salamanders and crawfish, and sometimes absolutely trashing creekbeds with treadmarks, running the ATVs up and down the creeks with absolutely apparantly giving no thought about anyone else's recreation desires but theirs!

4) Going off set trails on private property on to public park property , often disturbing camping and hiking activities, etc, and destroying the habitat in much the same way as described in 1, 2 & 3.
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