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Runner last post I praised you this post I will give you the devil cause you know better and were not thinking.

Read the round up label. The label is the law. The A.I. in round up is Glyphosate Isoprogylaimine salt. (YEA I had to look it up to spell) Aquamaster has the same A.I. The differences is the adjuvants and surfactants that are added to this A.I. These addiatives make the difference of whether the chemical works or not in wetland conditions. Round up does not work on grass that is in standing water and aquamaster does.

ROUND UP WILL KILL FISH AND AQUAMASTER WILL NOT. Round up label states that it should not even be sprayed in ditches that are dry to prevent run off to fish inhabited lakes. You will just have to call me "ricky round up" I have spray azillion gallon of it. I have read the label so many times I can resite in my sleep. In Fla. you need a agua lic to spray lakes. Aquamaster does a good job on catails but cost about $250.00 per 2 gallon jug Round up I buy for $90.00 a 2.5 gallon jug.

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