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Originally Posted by trappingcrazy View Post
the ferris stock bagging sys. I just got a quote from the dealer thats about all I know, is there other brands that would convert to my mower?

I think Ferris has the heaviest blower going. Ask them the weight of it. a few years ago when i was at the ferris dealer he told me that the blower was very heavy.

Lawnvac has one thats interesting. its a three bagger, its sits a little high but you can get the gas powered blower or if they have it the kit you can get the blower run by the mowers engine(jack-shaft powered).

Then theres trac-vac. i have several of theses baggers. They work nice and have the trailering type or rigged mounted to the mower. if you get the trac-vac look to see if you can get the chipper option. sweet when you have alot of sticks to get rid of after a storm.
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